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EscozulCirculoESCOZUL suppliers: International distributors

These are groups of people located outside of Cuba who claim to offer "original Escozul" in the countries where they are located. However, not everyone can prove the origin of the "Escozul" they sell.

Some say that they sell "escozul" produced outside of Cuba as if ESCOZUL could be produced with any scorpion venom. This is false, ESCOZUL has to be produced in Cuba because that is the only country where the R. junceus scorpion lives.

Currently the only producers of concentrated ESCOZUL that meets the anticancer properties are in Cuba, in the provinces of Matanzas and Guantanamo. So how come there are so many "escozul" producers in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, USA, Panama? Who are and what offer these people?

They take advantage of the popularity and properties of the concentrated ESCOZUL and engaged in illegal marketing of a supposed "escozul" which can not be verified to be of Cuban origin.

Some of them obtain concentrated ESCOZUL in Cuba but then dilute it to sell more and display a media campaign about the product. By diluting ESCOZUL make it loses its effect. Also, they may be using venom of scorpions from other species to produce a false "escozul."

In general, these providers base their activities on the manipulation of information through their websites where they promote the use of blue scorpion venom.

Next we will talk about the groups that have been found to be reporting false information and therefore should not be trusted.


1) The Atlas Corporate Group which has a number of Mexican sites that respond to the same group of people who sell "Escozul" for two months at a selling price of 4400 Mexican pesos. The reference page is , but there are other similar ones (read more). These people have a trade network throughout Mexico and they also sell ESCOZUL in Venezuela, Ecuador and the United States. Moreover, in their web sites they openly state that they want to expand the trade of ESCOZUL abroad, encouraging anyone, anywhere to become a distributor of ESCOZUL.

2) The leaders of the Dellser group are Antonio Duek and Diana Arus; they also own the site Dellser is a Mexican health centre which provides therapies using natural products. Different websites imply that there is an agreement between Dellser and LABIOFAM in order to promote their health products, among them ESCOZUL, in Mexico; however this is completely untrue (read more).


At the beginning of 2007 we published this information based on testimonies from patients and on information from the website of the corporation Escorpion Azul S.A. - This site was closed immediately after and today there is no proof that what we said is true. Cuban laboratories have no distribution agreements with any company.

"The owners of the Panamanian Corporation Escorpion Azul S.A. claim to have a clinic where they offer diagnose and alternative treatment with ESCOZUL to cancer patients. On their website they claim to have an agreement with LABIOFAM for the distribution of ESCOZUL, but this is untrue. Moreover, on this site they also say that their mission is to invest in the research and development of alternative natural medicines such as ESCOZUL, in which they will reinvest up to 80% of their net profit. However, this Panamanian site and its creators have been discredited many times on the Internet. Bernard Campo and Ruben Tribaldos, the leaders of this corporation, sell low quality blue scorpion venom. They provide ESCOZUL for three months at a selling price of $1200 USD".


Silicon Standford is a homeopathic pharmaceutical laboratory in Colombia that offers traditional Cuban medicine and homeopathic alternative medicine. Among its products is ESCOZUL, but given the homeopathic nature of its products, it is reasonable to think they are producing a homeopathic version of the venom, which would not be ESCOZUL but VIDATOX. The ESCOZUL they produce is not genuine as it is based on different elaboration and active principles from the Cuban ESCOZUL. The Colombian laboratory produces a homeopathic ESCOZUL with no scientific basis, and the solution they make has been diluted in water 5000 times. According to their web page, it is clear that "a homeopathic medicine does not require a health register for its commercialization". Moreover, they say they use the venom of two other Cuban scorpions, the Rhopalurus junceus and the Prionurus australis, when making their ESCOZUL. Clearly, what they produce is not genuine ESCOZUL as the certified product, produced in Cuba, only contains the blue scorpion venom and it is not a homeopathic solution. Clinical trials have demonstrated the effective action of ESCOZUL in its liquid form which is administered orally. However, Silicon Stanford produces ESCOZUL in cream for external use, vaginal ovules and nasal spray. There is no doubt that this laboratory produces a medicine without any kind of validity. The treatment costs around 300 US dollars per month.


On their website (no longer exist) they claimed to have the authorization of Misael Bordier to distribute ESCOZUL in Argentina. However, we do not know if after the death of Mr Bordier these people still have the authorization to distribute and sell ESCOZUL from Guantanamo. The treatment for one month consisted of two bottles, of 900 cc each, containing a liquid of an unknown concentration and that needs to be diluted five times before taking it. The price for one month treatment was 175 US dollars.


Sherry LeRoux, a cancer patient successfully treated with escozul, claimed to have a clinic called Cancer Hope Research in Las Vegas (Nevada). They hd a web site (no longer exist) that was very ambiguous for a long time. When we started our website in early 2007, we published the following information:

"Cancer Hope Research purports to work as a functioning clinic that evaluates cancer patients and then refers them to LABIOFAM in Cuba where, according to what they say, they will be treated by different doctors, one of them Dr Ruben Tribaldos. However, Tribaldos is neither a doctor nor is he Cuban; he is one of the owners of the dubious Panamanian Corporation Escorpion Azul S.A. On the web site of Cancer Hope Research they also claim that the patients can receive the same treatment in either LABIOFAM or in Panama; yet there is no connection between Cancer Hope Research and LABIOFAM. Certain relationship between Sherry Leroux and Escorpion Azul S.A. in Panama may exist. The site also says that if a patient is unable to travel he can still obtain ESCOZUL through Cancer Hope Research".

All the above has been proved after the publication of our web site in early 2007, when the owners of Cancer Hope Research deleted all the evidence of what we have said; they removed the name of the Cuban laboratory LABIOFAM from all their web pages as well as the photographs of a smiling Ruben Tribaldos. Later, they claimed that ESCOZUL is the basis of the treatment offered at Bordier's clinic and at Cancer Hope Research, and after that that the ESCOZUL they sold at 2.400 US dollars per month came from a clinic of the Guatanamo Group that does not exist. There are many testimonies about the bad reputation of Sherry Le Roux and her clinic on the Internet.