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EscozulCirculoAnswers to Frequently Asked Questions about ESCOZUL

Where can I obtain genuine ESCOZUL?

The ESCOZUL can only be obtained in Cuba because its active substance is obtained from the blue scorpion venom, and this scorpion lives only in Cuba. Currently, only a small group of independent cuban producers continue to produce ESCOZUL at the Cuban provinces of Matanzas and Guantanamo.

Why ESCOZUL stopped being produced by the Cuban government laboratories??

For 18 years ESCOZUL was given for free in LABIOFAM consultation (Cuban government laboratories). Little by little, they demonstrated the cancer-fighting properties as well as the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the ESCOZUL. During this time, the substance necessary to produce the ESCOZUL, was obtained from natural populations of scorpions and the availability was far below demand. Over the years, the good reputation of ESCOZUL made the daily number of patients in the labs go up exponentially to reach 300 per day. The laboratory could not meet this demand, especially when they had not yet managed to produce ESCOZUL industrially. The solution adopted was to begin developing a homeopathic version that requires only tiny amounts of venom of the scorpion to produce doses for thousands of patients. This version was finally registered under VIDATOX name, a product that only has analgesic properties as evidenced by the leaflet accompanying the drug. The homeopathic version cost U.S. $ 230 per month of treatment and can be purchased in Cuba at the international pharmacies.

If I go to Cuba, could it happen that I will not be able to obtain ESCOZUL?

Unfortunately it can happen. We have had this bitter experience. Now that LABIOFAM no longer produces ESCOZUL, all patients who want ESCOZUL go to Cuba's independent producers, but they often can not meet such high demand. For this reason it is preferable to travel with a pre-established date, otherwise you won´t be received.

I am unable to travel to Cuba. How can I obtain ESCOZUL?

Most of us have the same problem. Firstly, you should know that Cuba's independent producers are open to anyone and that they would provide you with free ESCOZUL as long as they have it. If you have economic reasons you just need to find people that are able to travel to Cuba and who could form a travel group; here is always someone who wants to help.

There is any difference between the two types of treatments ESCOZUL: the concentrate and homeopathic?

Yes, the main difference between these formulations lies in the scientific concept under which each is produced.

To produce a single dose of concentrated ESCOZUL, you need the venom of many blue scorpions. This way is based on the experimentally proven evidence: the higher the concentration of venom and the dose volume, better medical outcomes may be obtained. While each homeopathic doses of VIDATOX is produced in the opposite way. It just takes the venom of one scorpion to produce homeopathic doses to thousands of patients. This method is based on the homeopathic principle that "water remembers the properties of the venom."

ESCOZUL has proven anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. While VIDATOX only has analgesic properties.

What is the chemical composition of the blue scorpion venom?

Mainly very small proteins that are within the scorpion venom. To prepare the ESCOZUL dose for one patient, the venom is extracted from many scorpions (amount depends on patient's critical condition) and then distilled water is added to the mixture to obtain the desired concentration. Read more in our sections on the preparation of ESCOZUL.

Has ESCOZUL always given good results?

Most of the cases that have been treated with ESCOZUL have been patients in advanced stages of the desease. Many of them have reported an improvement in their quality of life, others have far exceeded the medical prognosis that gave them little time to survive and some have managed to overcome cancer. It is very important to emphasize that the effectiveness of the ESCOZUL treatment depends on the concentration and dosage of the drug and that the more severe the patient's condition should be more concentrated the ESCOZUL. Some people do not know that ESCOZUL can be used together with conventional treatments without interference with other treatments. In fact, some patients have reported that the use of ESCOZUL helps to reduce the negative effects of conventional therapies. Currently, there are many people using ESCOZUL right from the start; this provides ample advantages because it reduces tumor growth and the patient maintains a good quality of life, close to the quality of life under normal parameters. It has never been reported that someone has adverse effects due to use of ESCOZUL together with conventional treatments.