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EscozulCirculoSeven Facts about Escozul

+ The ESCOZUL is obtained from the venom of a scorpion that lives only in Cuba, does not exist in another country.

+ The real ESCOZUL in its concentrated form is only produced in Cuba by independent producers who have remained offering ESCOZUL in concentrated doses for more than 20 years.

+ There are many international suppliers, trading a false "ESCOZUL." Most of them wins the ESCOZUL false claims, or lie about how it is made ESCOZUL therefore can not ensure that the medicine they sell is actually ESCOZUL.

+ The production of the drug depends on the number of scorpions that are kept in captivity since there is still no way to produce a synthetic venom.

+ It is estimated that a patient with advanced cancer needs the venom from approximately 300 scorpion for three months of treatment, that is why are the scorpions that produce the are becoming exhausted; and that is why some institutions are producing a homeopathic variant of the medicine, whose anticancer effectiveness is unproven an only has an analgesic effect.

+ It has been found that the more concentrated is the drug, the greater its power to inhibit tumor growth.

EscozulCirculoESCOZUL production

+ Escozul is a natural product used as alternative cancer treatment. Its active ingredient is obtained from the venom of a scorpion endemic to Cuba.Escozul, in its original concentrated formulation has shown anti-tumor activity against different types of cancer and also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This medication is given orally and has no adverse side effects to the body.

+ Currently, Cuban independent producers are the ones who produce ESCOZUL concentrated in its original form, they are the only ones who have the expertise to produce the drug in a traditional and effective way . The Cuban State laboratories just produce and sell a homeopathic version that only have analgesic, does not have anti-cancer properties.

+ The venom is obtained from populations of scorpions in captivity,through electric stimulation using a device that generates about 35mv which is the normal amount discharged on the scorpions. extracción del veneno del escorpión azulOver time, this extraction method causes considerable damage to the scorpion such as: lack of tail movement, sting loss and the consequent obstruction of the channel through which the venom is released. Because of this, the populations of blue scorpion in captivity must be renewed frequently, reducing natural populations and hence the availability of new animals to get the poison. It is estimated that a scorpion can live in captivity for about six months.

+ The Cuban independent producers give the medication for a minimum time of two or three months. The expiration time of ESCOZUL is about 10 days when it is not stored at low temperatures. The frozen escozul can last up to 14 months because after that time it begins to lose its properties.

+ The concentration and dosage of the drug depend on both the type of cancer, and the progression of the disease. Doctors who have prescribed the treatment recommend a concentration about 0.0023 mg / ml for patients who are at stages 1 and 2. The dose given in these cases is between 20 and 100 ml per day. For patients in stages 3 and 4, or terminally ill patients, they recommend starting treatment with concentrations higher than 0.080 mg / ml, which can be increased throughout the treatment in order to reach the ideal concentration to fight disease . In these cases the dose ranges between 100 ml and 1 liter per day, can become even higher.

+ According to the results obtained so far, when the treatment is applied at the beginning of the disease, should be used at least from three months to one year, with the aim of helping to eradicate or stop the disease. In patients with advanced stages, the treatment aims to stop cancer growth and improve the quality of life so usually ESCOZUL should be consumed for a longer time, depending on the body's response to treatment.

+ VIDATOX (TRJ-C30), the homeopathic version of the scorpion venom, may have placebo effect and for a time the person may feel well, but ultimately its effectiveness has been zero.