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ClaraThis is my testimony as a mother of a child who was diagnosed with an inoperable glioma. He drinks ESCOZUL as an alternative cancer treatment.

I have a young son who was diagnosed as having an inoperable tectal glioma early in 2006; it was inoperable because it is located in some areas of the brain that could compromise life and because of its substantial size. I was desperate during the first days, even more when the doctors told me that my child would not survive more than three months, and that they could not do anything.

In pain, I began seeking alternatives, and that is how I found escozul and I traveled to Cuba. From the beginning, I went to the LABIOFAM laboratories where they took my case with great humanity and where I received much hope. I returned to Boston, and my child began the treatment and to date my son lives a normal life.

The first thing that he experienced was that the pain he felt stopped and the inflammation diminished little by little, returning his head to a normal size. The glioma is still there, and the doctors have told me that it has greatly reduced in size, and they do not understand how it happened. When I tell them about escozul they laugh because they think that I am talking about unorthodox methods, but without the escozul my son would not be alive and the fact is that the treatment has a scientific foundation.

I have met the members of my group on one of my trips to Havana. My dear friend Brando has helped me very much by dispatching the medicine when I was unable to travel to Cuba. We have always tried to provide orientation to the people who come to us for information. I am a social service assistant and my profession has helped me on this task because it is difficult to provide orientation to people when so much pain surrounds them. We know it is not easy when we realize that we are ill, but we need to remember that it is nothing more than a trial that God has put in our path, and that we have to surpass it. It's all a matter of FAITH.

Clara Rodriguez