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EscozulCirculoTestimony - Stuart Brandon

Brandon I have been taking ESCOZUL for 8 years. When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was treated first with radiotherapy and later with cryotherapy, none of which produced results. Although I was given a terminal prognosis, today I lead a greatly improved quality of life and my doctor said that I'm cancer free.

In 1997 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and PSA=19. The oncologist who treated me in Boston tried many treatments (radiotherapy, cryotherapy) but as they did not produce the expected results, I fell into a very serious state of depression. At that moment, I was a traditional man who seriously believed in conventional treatments and I still believe in them to this day. I was only 55 and had just started to enjoy life with my family and the fruits of my work. It was sad for all of us. Each day my condition worsened and I did not want to be taken to the operating room, that's when my son Nicholas suggested me to try alternative treatments as a possible solution or palliative. The truth is that I was not very convinced because I was, and still am, very skeptic about those treatments which tend to be used in the wrong way and are manipulated by third parties who benefit from the misfortune of another fellow being. My son gathered information about the different treatments available; among them was ESCOZUL which had been recommended to my son by a Cuban doctor who lived in Boston. I decided to try it out but I was too weak to travel to Cuba. My son travelled to Cuba for the first time through third countries and it was in Guantanamo, where he learned about Bordier's work.

I started the treatment and during the first three months I only felt that my appetite and frame of mind had improved, which gave me the strength to carry on with the treatment. My son did not have time to go seek for more treatment but I felt strong enough to travel to Cuba on my own so I went there for the first time. I met Bordier and had many talks with him. I travelled to Cuba periodically every three months for the period of one year, although I was taking a risk because citizens of my country can not travel to the island under penalty of being fined. That year the disease did not stop but it slowed down considerably, to the point that my oncologist was very surprised when my test results came out because by that time I was supposed to be already dead. Of course I was another man. I had gained weight, I did not feel anymore pain and I thought I had recovered.

In all my tests my parameters were within the established ranges and the Petscan showed that the carcinogenic activity had decreased up to 45%. I was happy, my family was happy and I quit travelling to Cuba, consequently, I stopped taking Escozul. After 6 months I noticed my condition had worsened and I realized that my cancer was out of control again. There was no need to run tests to know this. Together with my son Nick I returned to see Bordier but the situation had changed. We found many people waiting at Bordier's and there was not enough escozul for each one of us. There was also the issue of a voluntary donation, which although given with pleasure, it also seemed like an imposition because despite the fact that no fixed amount had been established, I remember that when Nick gave Bordier 20 dollars he put a sour look on his face.

After 2 days we went back to say good-bye and left him a larger sum because we considered his work to be praiseworthy, however, he was cold with us and only changed his attitude a little after we gave him the money. The escozul that I brought from that trip only lasted two months and I neither got better nor worse. Unfortunately I could not travel to Cuba as I had done before because I could not go on my own and my son could not come with me due to work reasons. I got in touch with Bordier requesting advice and he replied by giving me the address of a private clinic in Mexico which he considered to be his Escozul distributor.

I did not return to Cuba for one year because I was taking the Escozul that I had brought from Mexico for which I had paid a certain amount depending on the doses that I took. Unfortunately it did not produce any effect on me and my condition continued to get worse. To make matters worse, my wife died during that time which affected me considerably and I fell even deeper into depression. I was prepared to die and I only prayed to God that He would take me without pain. However, my son Nick did not give up and went back to Cuba to get the Escozul directly from Bordier. When he arrived at Havana, he told the cab driver who took him from the airport to the hotel the reason of his visit, and this man suggested that he went to a laboratory outside Havana, which according to him, was the authorized laboratory to produce the medicine.

Nick went to see Bordier. He gave him a mineral water bottle which contained a certain amount of venom and some recommendations. My son did not like this encounter more than when we were there together and on the last day he decided to go to this laboratory that had been mentioned to him. He was met early morning, luckily he had taken with him a medical summation of my condition and he was given a group of jars, sealed and labelled with the name LABIOFAM. Nick returned home and told me about his journey; nevertheless, I decided to keep on taking Bordier's medicine and wait to see what would happen.

Unlike it had happened before, I did not feel the improvement that usually comes immediately after starting the treatment: pain reduction and appetite gain. I was the same. Without telling me, Nick prepared the LABIOFAM medicine and I started taking it without knowing about it. After two weeks I started to feel different, more encouraged, more energetic and with a better frame of mind. That is how escozul worked when I first learned about it. Over one month I was able to walk a bit more freely and I almost did not feel any pain. Now that I had so much leisure time and energy and not knowing what to do with it, I started to enquire about escozul.

I returned to Cuba for more treatment after I had run out of the LABIOFAM's. The reception I received at the laboratory was amazing. There was a remarkable difference between this laboratory's and Bordier's working method and behavior, and I was totally astonished about it. And this is how, little by little this research came out and although I started by myself, I continued with many people of commendable human quality. Until 2005 I saw the birth of many web sites on the internet who talked about escozul; so I thought that finally other options would be available for obtaining the LABIOFAM product and that I did not have to travel to Cuba any more, but everything turned out to be a phony. It was nothing more than the beginning of the commercialization of an illegally elaborated escozul.

Nine years have gone by since my first encounter with escozul and I am alive thanks to it but I also owe it to my son and LABIOFAM.

I have never given a pre-judgemental or subjective advice. Facts talk more than any analysis that I could make from my position. This web site was created to help and to provide guidance but it also nourishes from your stories and each day that passes by the help we receive increases more and more. And the truth is that it has gone further than I ever dreamed because we have helped so many people and their gratefulness alone is a reason to keep going. That is a privilege.

Stuart Brandon